Great To Excellent: Question 1 Responses

  1. Skills we focus on need an eye on an unknown future. I suspect language, math will be there :) So will creativity, collaboration…#g2echat1
  2. @acampbell99 #g2echat1 Teach Ss the skill of learning. All of it's nuances. Gradually moving them to learning independence.
  3. Students needs to develop whatever character traits and skills they needs to make their life fulfilling #g2echat1
  4. #g2echat1 focus on learning skills and curiosity by exploring a body of interdisciplinary knowledge. Docs need to be written in this way
  5. … problem solving, innovation, responsibility, self-motivation, critical assessment of info, compassion, global awareness, #G2Echat1
  6. Resilience, persistence, learning how to learn, critical thinking, personal integrity, connectedness, citizen, place in the world #g2echat1
  7. #g2echat1 What skills? Persistence, critical thinking, creativity, communication. How? More choice in where and what and student inquiry.
  8. How? Increase in student choice & voice. Opening up classrooms to bring in more experts, creating connected communities in schools #G2Echat1
  9. Student well-being? Being fully ready to learn: food, safety, tools, growth mindset, basic necessities. #g2echat1 #g2echat
  10. Role? Central but not exclusive role in learning. Hub-type role in support: food, services, health, etc... #g2echat #g2echat1
  11. A1. This q implies that all students need the same thing. Like a checklist. It worries me when we start to compartmentalize #g2echat
  12. Everything about school should be adaptive, constantly moving - there is no right answer. This is hard! #g2echat1