Chris Campbell, Navy SEAL

Articles, Facebook memorials and social media status updates mourning the fallen Navy SEAL.

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  1. hey everyone this coming saturday there's going to be two carwashes going on to benefit the campbell family in their time of need. one will be at the fifth-third bank in powell near sawmill rd and powell rd. the second will be just north of der duchman on 42 in plain city. since that one is at chris's car lot there will be additional services like wax, tire shine, armor all, etc. the one on 42 will also feature a free cookout. if you've got free time PLEASE stop out!!
  2. Attention Jacksonville, One of our own, Special Ops-Chris Campbell, Navy Seal...(WOHS, Fellow Viking) has made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom & safety! As the sun sets in America tonight, Leave your porch light on for Chris Campbell and his family. Chris was one of the 31 Navy Seals KIA in Afghanistan-God Bless him & his family!
  3. One of the 30 service members killed in Afghanistan was Navy Seal Chris Campbell. Chris grew up in Piney Green and graduated from White Oak. He was 36. Thanks Chris for your service and the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in Peace.