La Compagnie Carabosse Fire Gardens

For three of Milton Keynes International Festival's ten day programme, French alchemists La Compagnie Carabosse transformed Campbell Park into a mesmerising fire garden.


  1. From the first step into the fire gardens, every sense was hypnotised. The whispering French vocals of the live musician were hauntingly primeval against the gentle crackle and sigh of the installations. The warmth of the flames was welcome in the cool evening breeze. Scented lanterns filled the air, and the sight of thousands of flames flickering in the dusk was reminiscent of a time long, long ago. 
  2. La Compagnie Carabosse: Fire Gardens
    La Compagnie Carabosse: Fire Gardens
  3. We were silently mesmerised as we wove through paths lined by lanterns, with every twist revealing a new, firey creation. 
  4. Despite the crowds (the fire gardens sold out) the atmosphere was intimate. It was as if everyone had been momentarily stripped of a modern desire to rush.
  5. Voices were hushed, but I heard one man say: 'This is crazy. It's Milton Keynes. Milton Keynes doesn't do things like this.' Looking out over the glow of Campbell Park to the enormous sign for thecentre:mk, the shopping centre that so frequently springs to mind when people mention Milton Keynes, it was understandable why someone might pinch themselves. 

    But enough words. To truly appreciate the beauty of this spectacle, you have to see it for yourself. With sights and sounds recorded live from the fire gardens, Joe Barefoot's video is the next best thing. Enjoy...