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Vice Ganda, Jessica Soho trend on Twitter

MANILA – Celebrity Vice Ganda and broadcast journalist Jessica Soho made it to the worldwide and local trending topics on Twitter after the Comedian and television host said sorry on “It’s Showtime” on Wednesday.


  1. Vice Ganda publicly apologized to Soho on his show over a sketch he made in his recent concert. During his concert "I-Vice Ganda Mo 'Ko sa Araneta" last May 17, Vice Ganda poked fun at Soho's weight in a sketch about celebrities as bold stars.
  2. The hashtags “WeLoveYouViceGanda,” “GO Vice,” “Vice” and “Jessica Soho” emerged as the most used words and phrases on the microblogging site Twitter, with several netizens expressing their support for the comedian.
  3. Some netizens lauded Vice Ganda for having the guts to apologize to Soho, adding that it is very courageous of him to admit that he is only a person who also makes mistakes.
  4. Below are some of their tweets:
  5. While there are people who admired the comedian for his “bold move” of apologizing, there were also those who continued to criticize him.
  6. Other netizens said it is a good thing Vice Ganda realized that some of his jokes are already cruel and offensive.
  7. Below are some of tweets:
  8. Soho had issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon acknowledging the comedian's apology.