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Nonmetallic factors are made elaborately by wearable components, such as nontoxic PP plastic, and so forth. In buy to make the functionality of the sy


  1. Nonmetallic factors are made elaborately by wearable components, such as nontoxic PP plastic, and so forth. In buy to make the functionality of the system a lot more secure, most of conveying electromotor and booster pump are these goods for exportation and electrical factors manufactured elaborately by imported series of merchandise or name manufacturer series of items at home.

    Principal specialised parameters of the 600buckets/H bottled h2o device:

    Creation capacity 600 Buckets/hour
    Bottle’s potential 18.9 Liters (equal to 5 gallons)
    Bottle’s specification (mm) Φ270×490×Φ56
    Cap’s specification (mm) Φ58×40 (strip:L18mm,W:seven.5mm)
    Rated input strength 10.7KW
    Electromotor power Conveying electromotor of washing .75KW
    Conveying electromotor of bottle feeding .37KW
    Bottle outing motor .55KW
    Disinfectant washing pump .75KW×4
    Circulate pure water washing pump .75KW×4
    Pure washing pump .75KW
    filling pump .55KW×4
    Cap-aligning electromotor .06KW×2
    Electrical power offer Three-phase Air conditioning unit 220V±5% 60HZ
    Rated recent 48.7A
    Internet excess weight 680Kg,
    Outer measurement Wahing: 3200×1710×1830(mm)
    Filling: 3160*660*1850(mm)
    Need of air compressor .one M3 .17M3/Min .8MPa/Cm2
    Need of h2o offer thirteen.0M3/H

    Mechanism of the 5gallon bottled water machine

    one. Machine’s framework

    Main supporter of the device is composed of stainless steel foursquare pipe with lovely visual appeal and business structure. Subsidiary supporter which is joined to the major supporter features for separating the workaround and supporting.

    2. Washing portion: consisting of conveying framework, water tank, h2o washing pipeline, and many others.

    1)Conveying mechanism of washing

    The mechanism uses the total device body as simple prop up with conveying electromotor and drive bearing set on the supporter. The conveying motor carries the driving shaft, pushed shaft and two pairs of nylon chain wheels and stainless steel chains on the shafts. And then the stainless steel chains convey the bottle seat which is preset on it to transfer the bottle to be disinfected.

    H2o tank

    The machine equips two tanks manufactured by stainless metal plate. A single is used for disinfectant solution, which is employed for disinfectant collection and circulating. The other 1 is drinking water tank, which is employed for drinking water selection and circulating. There is no h2o tank for pure drinking water which will be refluenced to the pure drinking water tank. There is a drinking water gauge for observing the height of disinfectant.

    three) Water washing pipeline

    The machine’s pipeline is conglutinated by specific water pipe fittings with meals quality merchandise. Disinfectant, germfree drinking water (pure water) washing, germfree water (pure water) filling and water filling pipeline are independent. Disinfectant is equipped by h2o tank even though germfree drinking water (pure water) is equipped by outer mechanism germfree water (pure water) washing and filling are separated into two pipelines, on which install one electromagnetic valve respectively. Personal electromagnetic valve and pump turn off right after finishing washing or filling.

    3. Filling capping method part: consisting of filling, capping and bottle sending method.

    1) Bottle pushing & filling system

    The bottle pushing mechanism is produced by the relationship of bottle pushing cylinder and stainless steel bottle pushing bracket, its fixed pedestal builds in the machine’s framework. H2o filling technique consists of stainless metal h2o filling head, filling electromagnetic valve and filling head location changing plate. bottle filling machine