The Modern Management Methods: Lean Kanban Southern Europe 2014 event was held in Bologna on May 30th.


  1. Some speakers arrived from Scandinavia where they attended Lean Kanban Nordic 2014 #lnk14. We waited for them in Bologna, some of them in time for dinner…
  2. While our audience (mostly Italians) got to Bologna even if the day was complicated by a public transportation strike. The venue, Savoia Hotel Regency, looked at its best on a sunny day – so air conditioning needed!
  3. The first speaker was Rikard Olsson, who replaced at the last second Bjarte Bogsnes to talk about Beyond Budgeting.
  4. Rikard Olsson at LKSE14 -- Beyond Budgeting
  5. Second on stage was Håkan Forss and his famous LEGO slides, with Are you too busy to improve?
  6. Håkan Forss at LKSE14 - Are you too busy to improve?