Tony Hall's first two weeks as BBC Director-General

A collection of articles, news stories, images and tweets about Lord Hall's first two weeks as the 16th Director-General of the BBC, curated by members of the @AboutTheBBC team.


  1. Press Photo-Call / Broadcasting House, London / Tuesday 2 April 2013

  2. Tony Hall started as Director-General on Tuesday 2 April 2013. He began the day by sending an email to all staff. 

    "I am proud to be leading the BBC as we start this next chapter together. We have always been pioneers. As we move towards our centenary it is a time for the BBC to be self-confident and optimistic about the future. You produce brilliant programmes and content, day in, day out. There can be no complacency but I firmly believe with imagination and hard work the BBC's best days lie ahead of us."

    The email was made available on the BBC Media Centre website.
  3. On arriving at Broadcasting House in London, Tony was met by members of the press for a photo-call.

  4. Tony Hall's first day as Director-General
    Tony Hall's first day as Director-General
  5. The Guardian published more pictures from the photo-call in a selection of 'BBC director general Tony Hall's hands-on first day' pictures. The Daily Mail included more shots from the photo-call in Tony Hall: A gurning DG and a question of bias

    "Striking comic poses for the cameras, Tony Hall arrives for his first day at work as by far the most influential figure in the British media. Though his demeanour may lack Reithian gravitas, his exuberance is easy to understand.

    For as director general of the BBC, Lord Hall will preside over a Corporation that, despite all its recent scandals, retains a hugely special place in the life and affections of the nation.

    True, its monopoly of the airwaves has long gone. But for millions, it is still the default choice of entertainment.

    Even more important, it remains the nation’s primary source of news and comment, giving it a role in our democracy whose importance can hardly be exaggerated."

  6. The front page of the Financial Times (published on Wednesday 3 April) ran a photograph from the same photocall. 
  7. Management Board Meeting / Broadcasting House, London / Tuesday 2 April 2013

    Soon after the photocall, Tony sat down with members of the Management Board for their first meeting together in Broadcasting House.  
  8. BBC Management Board meets on Tuesday 2 April 2013
    BBC Management Board meets on Tuesday 2 April 2013
  9. Staff Get-Together / Broadcasting House, London / Tuesday 2 April 2013

  10. Later in the morning on Tuesday 2 April, staff congregated on the fourth floor at Broadcasting House to hear Tony talk to them for the first time. During the get-together the new DG explained his vision for the BBC, adding that "I feel immensely privileged to be the 16th Director-General."

    The informal session was filmed for staff to watch on the BBC intranet 'Gateway'. Some of the material was broadcast on BBC News later in the day. 
  11. Interviews / Wednesday 3 April 2013

    The new Director-General was interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme and on BBC Radio 5 Live, as well as ITV and Sky (included below).