About us

Storify helps make sense of what people post on social media. Our users curate the most important voices and turn them into stories.

Together, we are building a new information network that will give you the social perspective on any event.
Read more about our vision or watch our TEDx talk about it (17mn).

We launched our private beta as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2010 , and won the Startup Accelerator at South by Southwest in 2011 (video) and the Interactive Award in 2012 (Mashable coverage). Our public beta went live in late April 2011. (New York Times coverage)

Storify was acquired by Livefyre in September 2013.


Xavier DammanLinkedIn

Co-founder and CEO

Xavier moved from Belgium in the summer of 2009 with the vision that there are voices on social media that deserve to be published on main stream media. This vision is the foundation of Storify.

He founded Tribal in 1999, a site that gathered student content from around Belgium that was published in a 30,000-circulation magazine distributed nationwide to high schools. He built content partnerships with leading brands such as Microsoft and other Belgian companies. Xavier earned a master's degree with distinction in computer science from Belgium's Leuven University.

Burt HermanLinkedIn

Co-founder (Business development, partnerships and publisher relations)

Burt is the founder of Hacks/Hackers, a worldwide organization bringing together journalists and technologists. He previously reported from around the world for The Associated Press over a 12-year career, heading AP's office in Korea and founding a bureau covering the five countries of former Soviet Central Asia. Among other assignments worldwide, he was an embedded reporter with the U.S. Marines in the Iraq war, covered Afghanistan after Sept. 11, traveled several times to reclusive North Korea, covered the Asian tsunami and Pakistan's nuclear program.

Burt was a Knight journalism fellow at Stanford University, a program for distinguished journalists selected for a year of study, where he also received his B.A. with honors in political science and M.A. in Russian and East European studies.

Bo Hee KimLinkedIn

Product Manager

Bo is the product manager at Storify, which, contrary to popular belief, does not help people store stuff. Before helping people Storify all the things, she worked as an editor for a subsidiary of Agence France-Presse, and as an intern for washingtonpost.com, All Things Digital and New America Media. She’s gotten a few cool awards, including the 2011 McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs Award, the 2011 Randy Shilts Memorial Award for Exceptional Reporting and the 2009 California Health Journalism Fellowship. She is a Master of Journalism according to UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. There are two things Bo dislikes more than ketchup: referring to herself in third person and writing bios. She dabbles in mobile for fun.

Skyler RogersLinkedIn

Community Support

Leading our community efforts is Skyler. You'll find him on the front lines gathering feedback, giving support, and going the extra mile to make sure people are having fun with Storify.

Skyler genuinely enjoys making things right if they've gone wrong, and hopes that his next leap will be the leap home.

Philippe ModardLinkedIn

Lead Engineer

Philippe was born in Belgium, fell into a cauldron full of Orval (best beer ever!), started hacking for any good and bad reason, studied some aerospace engineering and management sciences, and then fell in love with innovation and entrepreneurship. The early adopter was born, he co-organized the first Startup Weekend in Liège, and so came the time to hack for his own company: modygo, a shared trip planner. Yes, he loves traveling and meeting other people! That's why, after South America, Nepal, New-Zealand, etc. it was time to move to San Francisco and meet his other passions: innovation, node.js and challenges. Any rock band out there to quench his guitar passion?

Devon GovettLinkedIn


Devon enjoys working with JavaScript of all types, in the browser and on the server. He moved across the country from Vermont to San Luis Obispo, California to study Computer Science at Cal Poly, and enjoy the beautiful weather. He previously worked at Official.fm Labs, where he hacked on crazy JavaScript audio codecs and experimented with cutting edge web technology. He writes the Badass JavaScript blog, plays music, and contributes to open source projects when he has spare time.

Max MalinLinkedIn


Born in Chicago and raised in wine country, this Berkeley econ grad found an arbitrage opportunity trading Excel for Sublime Text. A member of the incomparable Storify team by way of Livefyre, he learns about Belgian customs, watches gifs, and occasionally codes.