How to Choose an Energy Supplier

The electricity market has been affected greatly by deregulation.


  1. Do you currently live in Connecticut, and would like to choose your own Electricity Supplier in Massachusets? Choosing your own electricity supplier is a wonderful option to have. Gone are the days where there was only one option, which was, therefore, a monopoly in the energy market. Deregulation of energy suppliers has made it to where consumers have the power to make the best choice for them when it comes to choosing an energy supplier. This article will discuss how deregulation has affected consumers and how to choose the best Electricity Supplier in CT.

    How Has Deregulation Affected the Pricing of Electricity?

    The electricity market has been affected greatly by deregulation. One way it has been affected is in overall pricing. Gone are the days where a consumer only had one option for an electric company in Connecticut. What has been happening now is that other companies, such as Abest Power, are coming on to the market and can offer consumers better pricing that their local utility companies are. This, in turn, is eventually forcing the local utility companies to lower their rates. In the end, when there is more competition, it is the consumer who will win by having cheaper rates. If you find yourself shopping around for a new electricity supplier, compare their rates and also, ask anyone you know that has used them before what their experience was like.

    What Does the Future Look Like for Electric Companies?

    That is a great question. As more and more companies come on to the market, local utility companies will be forced to keep their rates low if they want to retain business. They will need to become more efficient if they want to remain competitive. When you are shopping around for an Electricity Supplier in CT, ask them what they are doing in the long run to keep the costs down, and that it is not just a temporary reduction to attract new consumers. Also, when calling each company, keep note of how you are treated overall. Customer service can often trump price these days.

    Finally, choosing an electric company can be easy if you know what to look for. If you decide to not go with a local utility company, check your contract terms and make note of any early termination fees that could be involved if you leave your contract prior to your commitment time frame being up. Most companies will cap the early termination fees at around $50.00. If you would like to know more, visit for more information.