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Your say: Who Makes the News?

In conjunction with ABC News 24's Who Makes the News? documentary, airing at 9.30pm AEDT on Monday, December 10, we're asking you to nominate the defining moments in modern Australian politics. Have your say on Twitter (use the #wmtn tag), Facebook or Reddit.


  1. Gough Whitlam and Lance Barnard in 1972 taking on all ministries and abolishing conscription.
  2. Sacking of Whitlam has to be #1 then I guess the disappearance of Harold holt
  3. Whitlam Dismissal | 11 November 1975, ABC TV
  4. I didn't think of Holt but that must have been HUGE! Can you imagine Julia going swimming never to return? It must have been utter mayhem at the time.
  5. Indigenous right to vote; the Whitlam dismissal; the Accord; Hawke crying when Australia won the America's Cup (and his comment to bosses!); Mabo; Australia Act 1986; floating the Aussie dollar; Tampa Bay & border protection - we're still struggling with the issue; Workchoices; sitting PM Howard ousted by rookie McKew; the apology for the stolen generation; core & non-core policy (WTF); Tony Abbott saying you can only take his word if its written policy (this attitude seems to be across the board now); NSW not allowing reps at both State & Local level (just to stop Sydney's lord mayor from having a say at the state level).
  6. I'll consider modern to be Hawke onwards. Deregulating of the banks and floating of the dollar. Mabo. The defeat of the Republican Referendum (for some, a great victory, others such as myself a tragedy). Introduction of GST. Children overboard scandal. Afghanistan & Iraq. The USA FTA. Bali Bombings & Sep 11 (which is definitely a significant date in Australia, if for slightly different reasons to the USA). Abbott defeating Turnbull (defined the way we addressed climate change). The Rise and fall of Kevin Rudd, including The Carbon Tax, The Apology, Signing Kyoto and getting knifed.
  7. Paul Keatings "cultural cringe" speech !!
  8. Paul Keating Attacks The Cultural Cringe
  9. I would have to say that John Hewson's interview with Mike Willisee on the GST applicable to a birthday cake rates a mention. Not only did it result in Paul Keating being re-elected and the re-emergence of John Howard, but it also began the habit that pervaded the rest of Australian politics that the more complex your explanation of things, the more likely you are to get hung for it. I'd say that this interview was a milestone in the dumbing down of political debate in Australia.
  10. John Hewson - The GST Interview.
  11. Prime Minister Paul Keating - Launch of International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, 1993
  12. Paul Keating and the recession we had to have and John Howard introducing GST.
  13. John Howard in Washington DC after 9/11 and joining the US on the War on Terror under the ANZUS Treaty.
  14. The bipartisan approach to the stolen generation and Kevin Rudds speech, it still makes me emotional.
  15. Prime Minister says sorry