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Your say: Which election issues are most important to you?

With a federal election announced for September 7, ABC wants to know: which issues will decide your vote? Here is a selection of your responses.


  1. Australia Always was Always will be Aboriginal land #Treaty 2014
  2. abcmyvote my main issue is online radio and TV to be part of the media laws. #professionalonlineradio
  3. Environment is number one, always. Without it we cannot live. The major parties are like Coles and Woolworths. I'll be voting Green.
  4. It's about the NBN and nothing else
  5. lack of job opportunities, declining manufacturing and food production because of free trade agreements. level of violence in crime, drugs & alchohol border security Coal Seam Gas
  6. Trust is the main issue for me. Not only the leaders themselves, but the parties. And any party that refuses to release costed policies 4 weeks out from an election, following years of demanding better economic management and more government transparency, cannot be trusted.