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Your Say: What do you think of the Coalition's costings?

The Coalition has unveiled its election costings less than 48 hours before voters head to the polls. ABC News asked readers what they thought about the announced cuts.


  1. Wont release the 'panel of experts' findings (just a letter). Wont release parlimentary costings. Just this 7odd minutes. If we 'can't afford' so much foreign aide, why cut indigenous aide?
  2. Where? All they did was repeat the same tripe they have previously announced. WHERE is the costings on Climate Change? WHERE are the costings on their Asylum Solution?????Please everybody, do yourselves, and the Nation a favour - SAY NO TO ABBOTT!
  3. Good on uNICEF but at the end of the day a government has got to do what is right by the people of that country first and not some other foreign body.
  4. Who ever wins Saturday needs to cut, cut, cut. That is the reality, lest we ultimately end up like the basket case that alot of Europe already is.
  5. Serious problems here if they get in with those numbers they both looked like they were at a funeral. $42b in cuts so far and they haven't even put all their cuts on the table yet.....
  6. Very good, realistic and well well OVERDUE! 6 years of - Rudd/Gillard saying gee I cant control my spending, how do we get money for this - oh let me tax the Australian public they can foot our mismanagement.
  7. Excellent.....! Now that's fiscal responsibility from a genuine treasurer come Saturday night.. Well done Joe...!