Your say: US says evidence of Syrian chemical attacks 'undeniable'

United States secretary of state John Kerry says evidence of a massive deadly chemical attack in Syria is "undeniable" and accused the regime of trying to cover it up, signalling the US is edging closer to a possible military response.

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  2. the last year's evidence suggests that this could be the case. Perhaps Syria over-values the protection of Russia, which does not want to let its own legal system interfere with politics...
  3. No. It's because a nutjob leader is dropping bombs daily on innocent people and now chemical weapons killing thousands and thousands. It's been going on for 2 years now and enough is enough, these people need help from the world and just so happens USA is the superpower of this globe that has the means to help and others should help.
  4. And good morning to where we must of course take US rhetoric as fact. I rather thought that was what the UN investigative team was for? Then again they never found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq either....
  5. Technically chemical weapons are now on the same list as biological and nuclear weapons. Australia is a signatory to the convention.
  6. Cant keep letting children get gassed. Nothing to do with oil this time. Cant stand by and turn a blind eye while being full of self righteous, good on the yanks if they do something to stop the murder of children.
  7. US keep out of other countries affairs. What gives the US the right to act as the world's policeman..?? This business of getting involved in conflicts and starting wars with their high tech armoury simply must stop. They are no better than those they say they are going against.
  8. I guess there must be oil in Syria, if the US is getting involved.
  9. let us hear perspectives from all Syria's neighbours
  10. 1) US has tens of thousands of troops in neighbouring countries, 2) US says the use of chemical weapons is the "line in the sand", 3) Syria knows this then uses chemical weapons anyway. Is the Syrian Government really that stupid?