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Your say: Rupert Murdoch accused of orchestrating anti-Rudd campaign

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says media mogul Rupert Murdoch is using his newspapers to attack Labor because he sees the NBN as a threat to his Foxtel business. What are your thoughts? Do you think Mr Murdoch is behind the Daily Telegraph's front page? Did it cross the line?


  1. Opinion pieces don't rate as news, so why are they in newspapers. There's was too much manipulated news and opinion pieces getting in the way of facts.
  2. Murdoch has NO place in Australian politics since he renounced his Australian citizenship!! The Daily Telegraph has just been turned into the same shameful form of journalism as Murdoch's English papers. Hope Aussies are smarter than the Brits and don't get fooled by Murdoch's self interest.
  3. Depicting our PM and Deputy PM as nazis crosses the line - my family fought the nazis in the Second World War. And only voted labor since moving to Australia. How offensive!