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Your say: Quad bike safety

Quad bikes, or ATVs as they are also known, are now the leading cause of death on Australian farms. Tests are underway to provide a safety star rating system, but is this enough? Have your say.


  1. They should comply with the same safety standards as cars and on road bikes, approved helmets should be worn and a low age limit of 12years should be assigned to stop inexperienced young riders
  2. the thing that has to be rememberd is that this is a dangerous item. People all over the world are killed by car crashes. Some of those cars have an ANCAP rating of 5 stars. The only way people are going to not be killed are by not using them. In doing this we limit the amont of work that can be done in an amount of time
  3. "Learn the machine, know the machine, and treat it with respect, or it will bite you."steve mount via comment
  4. More important question: How many died because of faulty bikes? How many because of the driver? And how many "driver faults" were related to stupidity (drunk, jumps etc)?
  5. What will a safety rating achieve? Unless the wheels are falling off, safety comes from the operator culture.
  6. I am now on a disability pension after an accident on one of these. Years of experience riding them. They are designed as work vehicles not to be raced and jumped. I bet in almost every case it is rider error. As with every vehicle you can't help stupid people.
  7. Parental responsibility needs to come into play. Boys need to know that such machinery is highly dangerous and needs to be used with respect and always only when parents are supervising. The alternative is potential death.
  8. "These machines should be redesigned with slower capacity and roll cages. They are tools not toys." - jan of beaudesert via comment
  9. I have used them since 1995 in the mineral exploration industry, sometimes in very remote areas and have never had any injuries (nor the people working with me or for me on them). It all comes down to training and instilling the right attitude. Knowing what they can do, what they can't do, the limits of the rider's ability and the culture of safe operations. Like anything, if mis-used, they can be fatal.
  10. In the mining industry we must qualify as certified 4wd operators to use vehicles such as these and larger. The agricultural sector has never imposed such a saftey demand. I'd say its long overdue. ( Former land recovery supervisor ).
  11. I agree. They are a piece of equipment that require a specialised skill set, but as far as our federal and state govts are concerned, the only qualification needed is a simple car license. Enclosed footwear and a DOT approved helmet is not addressed.
  12. Maybe having helmets worn while on the bikes may reduce the death rate
  13. "There is plenty of farm machinery that is a lot more dangerous. Harvesters for instance! And I don't hear a call to ban them." allanbrisbane via comment
  14. OMG I didn't realise it that many deaths...long over due!!!
  15. Speaking contextually, it is not that dissimilar to the road toll. And as horrific as that is, it is not even close to the annual top 20 causes of death in this country. This testing is helping the understanding of a mere 20 quad bikes, it does not address the common denominator, the rider.
  16. Prior to the widespread adoption of Quads the leading cause of death on farms was horses. Many people view quads as a safe way of getting about the farm. They are also perceived as being safer because they feel more stable than a motorbike. Mandatory rollbars and education are probably the best way to go, because policing large properties would be too expensive and resource intensive.
  17. Sorry Cat, that is not the answer as they are a useful tool to the farming industry and others. Just the drivers need to use common sense nd be trained on how to drive them.
  18. "What amazes me is how people will let their 7 or 8 yr old children ride one of these powerful machines, with no idea of the potential consequences when things go wrong." - ron n via comment
  19. Operator compliance is rarely followed often deaths are children same goes for two wheelers can't lift it off you don't ride it! Agreed stupidity is 90% of the cause . I have done a quad safety course and it is helpful but 99% common sense