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Your say: Police stun gun use

Police use of stun guns to subdue suspects is under renewed scrutiny after CCTV footage showed an unarmed Sudanese-Australian student being tasered while handcuffed and surrounded by six officers in Sydney.


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  2. People need to remember MOST cops are good people, this cowardice however makes folk not trust the Police
  3. 6 trained police officers should be able to subdue someone in handcuffs without the use of a taser! What a joke this is!
  4. He could have complied at any stage and he would not have got zapped. He was hitting out at the officers with his head and legs.
  5. Don't resist and try to hurt police = don't get tazed.
  6. he was told to move on 2 hours before, ran from cops, fell and was cuffed when on the ground, still resisted and then was zapped. police have every right to make sure they go back to their family unhurt. just another scum bag who hangs out at a train station!
  7. The Police Integrity Commission should hopefully investigate this and even blind Freddy can see they are accountable for outrages police behaviour :-(