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Your say on the Queensland budget


  1. Thousands have marched in Brisbane's CBD to protest against the Queensland Government's public service job cuts.

    Campbell Newman's LNP Government handed down the state's first non-Labor budget in 14 years on Tuesday, confirming 14,000 jobs are set to go.
    The budget included public service cuts, mining sector tax rises, and little in the way of big new spending measures. 

    Mr Newman has defended the austere measures, and says today's protests will only mean a day's less pay for workers.
    Treasurer Tim Nicholls says it is the most important budget in a generation and sets the scene for Queensland's future prosperity. 
    Here's what you had to say:
  2. I'm extremely proud of this LNP government. People are so adamant on being forced into debt by their public servants, the ALP are all too willing. Here we have a government, copping votes and criticism for being responsible.
  3. I agree with the desk jobs need a cut. but the primary care reduces medical cost by preventing medical problems in the first place. I think they should have kept on at least 1000 primary care and ditched 1500 out of the police force. Cuts some jobs from parliament and roll back the MP pay rise.
  4. I have no problem with being financially prudent, but I have always believed in equality. The MPs, ministers and cabinet should also be prudent, and take a pay cut.
  5. nothing wrong with having good financial goals, however at what cost, what newman is doing is deplorable, wrecking peoples lives, blaming previous government, he's nothing but a little despot and i'm so glad i did not vote for him.
  6. Surpluses mean you are living within your means. You never know when down the road you may need to have something aside for a rainy day especially when tax revenues begin to plummet.
  7. Define surplus as an actuality is no more accurate to predicting earthquakes... the mentality of our Politicians is unaltered. Economics over Human dignity. Seems the lessons of the GFC the continuing global financial instability has not given pause to practice or considering for a moment the conventional methods may be broken. The surplus is fiction but peoples lives impacted is very real and with unforeseen consequence.
  8. no. Our governments, state and federal should take a feather from the French in regard to this. Take the money from those who can afford it, not those who are suffering.