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Your say: NRL referee blunder

A refereeing blunder in the opening minutes of North Queensland's knock-out final loss saw Cronulla awarded a seven-tackle try in its 20-18 win over North Queensland in their elimination final. What actions do you think should be taken? Have your say.


  1. "The basics of the game" did none of the players notice either?
  2. "You can't trust the outcome of any sport that people gamble on and gambling on sport should be banned, for the sake of sport."nqguy via comment
  3. "I tell you it is not the end of the world....and I'm in Qld!"macca2 via comment
  4. If the error didnt happen the whole game changes so it is impossible to say that the Cowboys would have won, no-one knows what the result would have been.
  5. Come on now, it's a damned game, there is so much going on in the world that requires the attention of our news services and our individual concern. It's just a game.
  6. "...Regardless of whether it was a genuine mistake or not, this will damage the integrity of the NRL and it's Refs." dazport via comment
  7. To the people calling for the ref to be sacked... I'm wondering if they've ever made a mistake in their job and if they think it would be fair to be fired for it.
  8. "...And here is the real issue, while the referees didn't break a rule or code as such, they did influence the games result and they did cause many many thousands of punters to loose their money on a result that was INVALID...You cannot have gambling on a sport when the officials do not have the ethics to control their sport..."ostersonabike via comment
  9. If a player can be sited by video because of foul play, the laws must change so clubs can challenge wrong rulings by ref's.
  10. I'm surprised by all these comments. Refereeing errors happen all the time and sides just have to deal with it. I don't know how this is any different.
  11. "...This error should not be compared to judgement errors made in the heat of the moment. This is factual matter. Award the match to the cowboys."losimpson via comment
  12. you could realise that nobody is perfect and mistakes happen. its not the first time and it wont be the last
  13. The game is going downhill under the NRL Commision, unpopular rule changes, crowds down & poor Refereeing are just a few of the problems, get rid of them & have 1 person running the game & things may improve.
  14. "I am an AFL fan and unfortunately this sort of thing is the legacy of betting and big money in sport. It breeds greed and corruption at the highest levels in all sports."rickyboy via comment