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Your say: Newman's judiciary comments

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has said that judges and magistrates who criticised his government's new powers to overrule the judiciary were living in "ivory towers". He also labelled critics of the laws as "apologists for paedophiles". What are your thoughts?


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  2. Good call, after all the judges are there to administer the laws set y the government. I think sometimes judges are out of touch with the community.
  3. Yes and no. The laws need to be really tough to stamp out these gangs and prevent them from continuing. I don't like that he criticizes the judiciary. We do not need these gangs in Australia. I know people who think bikies like the hells angels are warm and fuzzy. They are out and out criminals and should be treated accordingly
  4. "Good on him! These people don't answer to us yet we have to pay them.....sorry but that doesn't fly. All the people banging on about every little thing Newman does need to get a life.......judge him on his results, and he's certainly getting results." - darkrob121 via comments
  5. Should the judiciary be more accountable? YES. Should politicians be given the power to over ride their rulings? Most definitely not. Rulings need to be based on thorough comprehension of the law, legal precedent and considered deliberation of the facts of each case. Politicians can not be expected to contribute any of these three critical elements to legal decision making processes. Focus on doing your own job properly Mr Newman.
  6. "I totally agree with Newman. Good on him for standing up to a group of unaccountable self righteous lawyers promoted to a position of influence and gold plated spoons. I have NO respect for our justice system. Its only a ridiculous legal system - no justice at all. Don't start me." - j 76 via comments
  7. The judiciary have only themselves to blame. We demand accountability from our politicians and we can turf them out of office when they don't perform. Judges aren't accountable for their actions. About time that changed. Some people may still be alive if not for judges.
  8. Sure the judiciary should be accountable, just as the government should, but there should also be a separation of powers between the two. Locating too much power in one body leads to too much corruption: absolute power corrupts absolutely!
  9. "...I know that election of judges introduces some potential reluctance to judge 'without fear or favour'. However, our system of appointing judges for life, has made them extremely arrogant and unaccountable. I suggest we should elect all our judges and hold them accountable for their actions and their behaviour." - what now via comments
  10. Its about time somebody got up these self righteous and pompous untouchables,and made them see that their job is to bring down judgements that reflect the communities attitudes and not their misguided interpretations of the law as they might perceive the law, I congratulate Campbell on doing the job ,that a vast majority of Queenslanders elected him to do;Bravo Campbell Newman.
  11. Something needs to be done about certain so called judges. They let criminals go free to re offend, in some cases murder. I applaud Campbell Newman, at least he has the guts to take them on and say quite frankly what the majority of the community are saying and thinking.
  12. "...In this country, judges announce their decision and give their reasons in open court, and one can be confident that the author of the reasons is, in fact, the judge who put them forward. The Queensland Premier is not subject to the same demands of openness. He had best tread very carefully indeed." - shaime via comments
  13. No, I don't agree with the Premier's recent comments, but I do think that sentences handed down for those convicted of violent or organised crime need to be stiffened up a few notches, and based on the crime, not who commits it.
  14. the law is the law and pointing out that a process is unlawful is part of their job. For Newman to spit it so dramatically implies that he knows its unlawful too.
  15. He lives in a world where he is out of touch with the people. No upper house, and we now seem to be under some type of authoritarian rule. Newman has created more chaos than a 1%er. He should apologise to QLD for creating havoc and fear within the community. This man is a disgrace to politcs!
  16. "I agree with Newman it's about time the judiciary came down off the high horse and dealt with perpetrators of crime properly in line with public expectations." - trump via comments
  17. A disregard for separation of powers is a very serious slippery slope. Disagreement is also a healthy aspect of democracy and intellectualism.
  18. We are lucky in Australia, including Queensland, to have a very competent and internationally respected judiciary. Newman, however, would apparently prefer despotic and arbitrary rule the likes of what is seen in third-world countries. It's disgraceful.
  19. The judiciary are separate from parliament for a good reason. Newman has no right to have a swipe at them. This has nothing to do with paedophiles. I think that in Australia, sentences are generally too lenient across the board, but it is up to the govt to change the legislation and the judiciary to enforce and interpret the law.
  20. I disagree completely. His comments remind me of one of his predecessors who had no idea what the meaning of the "separation of powers" was. He has crossed the line by criticizing the judiciary like this.