Your say: Kevin Rudd quits federal politics

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd announced his retirement from politics in an emotional speech to Parliament on Wednesday night, adding "it really is time for me to zip".

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  1. The ALP being grateful to Rudd for “saving the furniture” is like thanking to the arsonist who helps put out the fire they started!
  2. With Kevin Rudd quitting last night he`s seat of parliament should be given to the person who had the second most votes from the last election instead of wasting more of our money on a bye election or he should have to pay for it for wasting taxpayers time and money.
  3. Thank you Kevin Rudd for ending (in style!) the 11 year John Howard nightmare, for riding through the GFC when other developed countries struggled, for the apology to our fellow first Australians and for changing your opinion on gay marriage. Best of luck for the future ;)
  4. Thrilled for the Labor party that he's finally gone. After years of Rudd putting his own ambition and personal spite before the good of his party and his country, the Labor party now has a chance to heal. Great news.
  5. It is a purely selfish decision and a terrible betrayal of eveyone who voted for him. This is a man who never understood that he was supposed to be a servant of the people. On the + side, his departure will undoubtedly bring some much needed internal stability to the ALP. The damage he wrought has been very costly.
  6. Rudd could have resigned at anytime since 7 Sept, but he chose to do it on the first day of Parliament sitting. He is as ever the stage prepared precious megalomaniac.
  7. How about the cost of a by election who will cover that cost. / Kevin Rudd is a spoilt little boy. Who quit cause he couldn't get what he wants but he did leave one thing the very big expense /. By election. School buildings. Batts. List gets big //. Thanks Kevin for everything you have done
  8. Sad to see Kevin Rudd leaves politics. Despite his ambitious, I think he is a decent man and could be a good PM if not because of the ALP internal chaos. I wish him well in his life ahead. @KRuddMP