Your say: how will the 2013 Budget affect you?

Treasurer Wayne Swan has handed down his sixth federal Budget, and we want to know how it will affect you. Have your say by tweeting us using the #abcbudget hashtag.

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  1. Arent we all, wont do jack for me, but Im just a single parent on newstart since losing my job and we dont count as a family anymore, just ask the gov run website called Australian Families..
  2. Nice to see a budget with policies for the future of Australia. It only affect me as a smoker. But if tobacco taxes are used to educate kids... I don't have a problem with that.
  3. bella j 10:29 PM on 14/05/2013 The phasing out of the medical tax offset is a hard blow to me. It attacks people who are chronically sick and have limited means to change. Can you heal me treasurer? The impact is even more cruel with the near doubling of the safety net cut off. All this does is make it harder to live - now it will be with more pain.
  4. Our area loses with the cuts to the coal mining program. Watch BHP suffer.
  5. Ever wondered what goes on in the #budget lockup? The ABC's James Glenday captured this shot of Michael Rowland signing in his phone. #behindthescenes #abc #media #budget2013
  6. The ABC's James Glenday took this photo of colleagues hard at work during the #budget lockup. #abc #behindthescenes #budget2013
  7. The baby bonus enabled me to stay with my baby for six months before going back to work...those of us working in unreliable 'ongoing casual' jobs don't qualify for any maternity provisions and certainly don't have a job to back to...just saying that not all of us buy big televisions...
  8. Close to having my second child ( I will work right up until Is legally allowed) No light duties/ no exceptions Yes I do believe you ( as a mother) need to have worked day in your life/still be working Paid maternity leave must be exercised.But the (installments) of the baby bonus is an insult to woman like me busting my proverbial balls to pay bills and clothe children in the more conventional way.
  9. The converting of the student start-up scholarship to a loan is going to massively increase my HECS debt by the time I finish my degree