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Your say: Governor-General Quentin Bryce supports Australia becoming a republic

Governor-General Quentin Bryce has publicly backed both Australia becoming a republic and gay marriage in a landmark speech in Sydney. We asked for your thoughts on the Governor-General's comments and whether Australia should become a republic.


  1. We asked for your thoughts on the Governor-General's comments and whether Australia should become a republic. 
  2. Our lives will be no different with or without the queen,..& I like our association & history that the royal family brings to Australia.
  3. "...Quentin Bryce has been an outstanding Governor-General and on the eve of her retirement it is quite appropriate for her to reflect on her position, and on Australian society generally. That Australia will become a republic at some point is blindingly obvious, the current arrangements are an anachronism. Even the Queen accepted its inevitability quite some time ago." goanna1 via comment
  4. Ms Bryce seems to be remarkably at odds with our current government. She may make an excellent president of Aus
  5. I don't want us to become a republic as I'd trust none of these clowns here to be head of state but good on her, especially on marriage equality.
  6. "Can I suggest a move that would make everybody happy: Australians should have their own royal family. Then we can have still have stories in the gossip magazines and dribble when babies are born, but at least we will be able to picket the maternity hospital ourselves. Then we can have our own Australian flavoured gaffes, etc. What about it? Suggestions for our own royal family welcome, I suggest we should have a look in the aboriginal community..." - guust flater via comment
  7. "While I favor a republic in many ways it's inappropriate for a serving official to make such a statement. Clearly she doesn't believe in her current role and should therefore resign immediately." - acorn9 via comment
  8. a forward-thinking governor general.. not many of those around.. let's hope the next one has the same views.
  9. Until now, I supported Ms Bryce. She accepted the job, however with those views she should never have accepted, she is a hypocrite and we would do well for her to be replaced ASAP.
  10. "Our GG should have waited to promote her personal views until her retirement. Currently she represents HM the Queen, and as such our GG has betrayed the institution which pays her salary. She is no longer fit to represent the Queen and should be sacked or made to resign immediately." - elite 62 via comment
  11. "Why do we need to become a republic? The Queen is a figurehead and that is all. Why do we need a President when we have a prime minister? Who's going to foot the bill for the President, do they get a big mansion, security, a weekly salary, a jet, a car, heaps of staff. Do we really need one, I still do not understand what purpose a President of Australia will serve.Who's going to foot the bill when whe have to change all of our currency and other things that use royal symbols such as crowns. Who." - bobsyouruncle via comment