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Your say: foreign ownership of Qantas

Tony Abbott has indicated the Government is preparing to lift foreign ownership restrictions on Qantas.


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  2. I think a national airline is important, what about lowering flight taxes instead! They are astronomical!
  3. I agree that the current CEO had been more of a hinderance to the operation of Qantas. I suspect that bad management practice will not be alleviated by allowing more foreign ownership.
  4. They should cut Qantas loose and let it sink or swim on its own abilities. Qantas should never have been sold in the first place but using taxpayers money to save this shambles now is not a good idea.
  5. What matters is operational integrity not ownership.colmery via comment
  6. The Government should impose foreign ownership restrictions on everything Australian - especially property.
  7. Foreign owned does not mean saving Aussie jobs. I think the death of the car industry here proves that.
  8. Don't really care any more. It not really a national carrier any more any way. Not really an Australian company. Not really a public asset. Privatise it and be done with it. Then there won't be any more excuses for its bad management.
  9. Easing ownership restrictions would be the first step in the death of Qantas. It may be the economic or best solution, but it is not the right solution. Sometimes "responsibility" is not making the unpopular decision, but to make the popular decision work! - rgmccau via comment
  10. Lifting the foreign ownership restrictions on Qantas? You might as well be flushing the airline down the John. I can't wait for the day when important national assets are re-nationalised and returned to the people.
  11. it's not all that surprising. Foreign investment is something Tony Abbott is not afraid of if it makes economic sense - which it does.
  12. AND....I still call Australia.....51% home!!!!
  13.  Agree absolutely. Either unshackle or support financially.florre via comment
  14. Let them sell it off and allow Qantas to compete, fairly.
  15. No, shouldn't be allowed. It was the Australian carrier, wasn't called this so as to become the internationally owned carrier. The only reason why Australians don't want to invest in QANTAS is because of its current disastrous management team.