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Your say: foreign ownership of agricultural land

A clear majority of Australians want greater restrictions on the foreign ownership of agricultural land. What do you think?


  1. we're partial to safe water so restrict CSG,stop the spin and lies on that issue, its already banned in other countries and always apply the Precautionary Principle as good government should. We should not be selling our food bowls, that's just madness.
  2. That's ok but if I want to sell my land, I want the sale, frankly I am not interested in who buys it so if the government is so concerned about foreign ownership then they should buy the land?
  3. A lot of other countries don't let you own real estate unless you are at least a permanent resident if not a citizen. Why do we?
  4. Land, Water, Food, Shelter - beyond this all issues are really secondary. We baulk at saying there should be less foreign ownership of our land, so we dont sound parochial. But in regional areas where I grew up, you can see what is happening and it is scary. Companies from countries like Brazil and China buy big blocks of land just under the 'reveiwable' price, so the Foreign Investment Reveiw Board doesnt get a say. Australian farmers can't afford the costs of production, and water trading has made the water worth more than the land or the food, so some sell the water rights to someone who on-sells for more, but lets the orchards die and the land go to salt. Wonderful swathes of locally grown peaches, oranges, vegetables, apples are left to rot, in a world with great hunger, and where food security should be of concern. Farmers plant rice crops - and Australian grain growers use some of the best science based, researched and intelligent practices in the world - but mid way through a gorwing cycles, State Water pulls the irrigation water and the crops die - without compensation! Protect our resources, and support our regional communities and farmers to grow our food, and feed the rest of the world too. Give everyone affordable housing, and protect our environment. The Greens and the Farmers are really both custodians and stewards of our future.
  5. No brainer. Aussies cannot buy land in certain foreign countries - should citizens or governments of those countries wish to become or remain freehold owners of land here they should go reciprocal at the very least! Otherwise transfer it to leasehold and bring on nationalisation! other benefit is that it would probably fix the budget black hole for a bit too.
  6. Definitely. ! Try buying up land in other countries. They're not as stupid and shortsighted as us
  7. Australian land should belong to Australians. Nothing wrong with the land owner leasing their land to foreigners.
  8. The impact of CSG process on the water table beneath the ground surface is, so far, detrimental. The water of the landowners is being poisoned by the recovery process. It makes no sense to let foreign companies make short term money recovering gas by poisoning the water and creating long term food shortages. The majority of this country is barren, go and mine there. Why contaminate the water used to grow our food. Madness. Foreign ownership of Australian land should be reversed and banned completely. Give foreigners and companies leases, accompanied by large security bonds with the money going to raise the standards of the original owners, the so called Aboriginals.
  9. Lets say restrictions happen. What is stopping your switched on Aussie to accept overseas investments to him and he would go buy the land and make a bit of profit out of it at the same time?
  10. Lefts keep Australia , Australia thank you. Look after our own farmers and they will feed us.
  11. We';re selling it off in the thousands of acres to foreign countries,we will pay for this big time, both sides are just as bad. CSG however is a Liberal fantasy and will ruin the land so we can't sell it to anyone !!!!!!!
  12. Foreign interests should only be able to rent land, not own it.
  13. I would have to say I'm in the 75%. Foreign investment is great, but selling all our assets off and then having to pay a premium for products stikes me as kind of dumb.
  14. Its one of my biggest concerns. As someone working in the agricultural industry, this ravaging of good farm land for mining has to stop. And don't get me started on foreign ownership
  15. When we have no food to eat, and the water supply is too contamidated to drink...ALL other issues will seem such silly nonsense to us.