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Your say: Ford Australia to close manufacturing plants in 2016

Ford Australia says it will close its Australian manufacturing plants in October 2016, with the possible loss of thousands of job.


  1. Here's a selection of your views.
  2. "I work in Broadmeadows, but not at Ford. It will affect the area. I grew up with Fords and have always had one. It is a piece of our history. The XA, XB, XC Mad Max cars. I loved my ZH Fairlane. I had an XD too. I once had an XC coupe with the rectangular headlights. So sad." - Nicki
  3. XC Ford Falcon Cobra
    XC Ford Falcon Cobra
  4. "My late father, some of my uncles and myself all worked in the car industry most of our lives, and yes it is sad to see the Ford factory closed. However as a percentage of the population of Melbourne and Geelong the losst is so insignificant, even if you multiply the number by the flow-on effect. In relationship the percentage of lost jobs to the population of Portland in the last two years we have been hit much harder and most of this is totally unrelated to the car industry." - Geoff

  5. "What will my Mum buy next? She's had three white Falcons since 1995. All reliable cars, if a little thirsty." - Rod

  6. It's been a dying industry for years. The smart workers will have sought retraining opportunities to secure their future once the inevitable happened.
  7. "I worked at Broadmeadows for 24 years, and found them to be a great company to work for, and in my simple mind the whole answer lies in the amount of imported cars that come to our shores. So to me the answer is to charge much higer import duties on these vehicles to bring them into line with our local goods." - Ross

  8. When is anybody in the Federal Parliament going to realise that it is getting unviable to manufacture in Australia? How many more job losses and closing of businesses is it going to take. What is this country going to do when we have dug up everything and sent if off shore? If we don't do something about it now we will end up like Greece.
  9. "I have been a loyal Ford fan all my life. I have owned four Fords in 20 years of driving. But really, how much money would Ford have saved if they weren't propping up the V8 circus? And why are our governments, past and current, so insistent on removing tariffs?" - Kathy

  10. This had been said before but if Mercedes can make cars in Germany where the costs are higher than in Australia and their cars are of a superior quality and they put so much money into R&D and locally their cars cost less than ours to buy, WTF are we doing wrong in our factories and please don't tell me it is the workers?
  11. "I worked for BMW in Germany for eight years as a young engineer in BMW advanced manufaturing division. Immigrated to Australia in 1996 and I have worked as a consultant and have visited several companies manufacturing cars and car components. I think cost is not the reason why Ford (and other car manufacturers) cannot and will not survive in Australia. Germany has a much higher cost base and its car industry is doing well. I think Australian manufacturing is suffering because of poor design, poor quality, poor planning and poor comitment." - Mark

  12. Guarantee Holden will be making plans to do the same in the near future.
  13. "I have owned and sold Fords for many years and truly believe in buying Australian. Unfortunately they started to design ugly cars in the '90s and now it's all over. It's not rocket science designing and selling cars: make them reliable, of good quality, and make them look more futuristic than their competitors. Holden released a great car in the 2006 VE Commodore range and it's that good it's still the current model seven years later. Ford just needs a management change." - Mark

  14. What choice have the workers got but to stay employed by Ford until the end, only a small proportion will be able to either retire or find other employment, nice news Ford.
  15. There also needs to be recognition that if you want to run a profitable business in Australia, it means consumers have to pay a lot more. But instead we seek competitive prices for everything from cars to clothing, made by people in 3rd world countries most of the time.But consumers, like voters, are the last to criticise or improve themselves.
  16. "I chose my current vehicle, a Ford Territory, because it was made in Australia. If Fords are not made here then I will choose from the ones that are. If there are any!" - Sed

  17. So they will be repaying all that govt money... right ?
  18. "Sad day for Australia's mighty motor industry. My wife is on notice that I'll be buying a new GT in 2016." - Dale