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Your say: "Does this guy ever shut up?"

Do you think Mr Abbott overstepped the line with his comment? Have your say.


  1. "It would not surprise me at all if voters find Mr Abbott's remark refreshing." - thomas brown via comment
  2. It sounded to me as though Abbott had been told to make this remark and he did. Funny thing was that Rudd was barely speaking at the time. It was very rude.
  3. "...ok, it's fun to say it was what some were thinking, but surely our leaders should be wise and polite enough to not say everything they're thinking, allow moderators to do their jobs and get on with clearly articulating their vision. Statesmanlike? Don't think so." - roundeye via comment
  4. "I thought the comment was slightly despairing but was meant to be humorous."adaminaby via comment
  5. "I think "Does this guy ever shut up?" will come back to bite Abbott in his future in and out of the political sphere. It shows poor self control under pressure to resort to venting." - ceales via comment
  6. "As a teacher I am always trying to curb this sort of abusive, disrespectful language in my class discussions. Does not help if a potential leader of the country is so coarse, but I guess most of my students would have switched off long ago; the politics of this campaign are hardly inspiring..." - tofudinner via comment
  7. No big deal, Abbott was right! Rudd has the gift of the gab but just goes on and on like a used car salesman.