Your say: Catch and kill shark policy

ABC News asked readers what they thought of the policy of catching and killing sharks after attacks on swimmers.

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  1. No i dont agree with killing it, it is doing what is natural for it, i feel bad for the victims, my friend lost brother to shark attack, but even they said the water is the sharks home.
  2. No. The wa government are a law unto themselves and it was a known beach for shark sightings yet he intruded into the Shark's territory by surfing there. I do have sympathies for the family for what happend. Also how do they know which shark did the attack?
  3. Definitely do not agree. It is an assumed risk when entering the ocean that there are naturally occurring things in it than can kill you... like sharks.
  4. As a lesson to the other sharks? its utterly stupid. Its not as if the Shark was doing anything other than what its designed to do.
  5. Hell no, leave the shark alone.
  6. No. Do not agree at all. Sad for the surfer and his family's loss. Truth is, we enter their territory, they are predators, they know no better.
  7. I do not! I'd sooner catch and kill a hunter that takes out lions for fun than go for a shark that was just looking for dinner. We need to accept that we are not immortal. We are happy to consume at the expense of other living things. Why can't we accept that others too need to live (sometimes at our expense).
  8. How do they know which shark it was?