Your say: Cash for jobs

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says a Coalition policy to pay long-term unemployed young people who find a job up to $15,500 is "a sensible investment". What are your thoughts?

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  1. most would think getting a job would be reward enough, however rewarding long term unemployed for getting a job and rewarding again for keeping the job seem to me they are being rewarded for the years of not wanting to work.
  2. What about older workers? When they become unemployed it is more likely than younger workers to be long term....
  3. Well it actually does somewhat make sense. The bonus in question is for people on unemployment benefits who are unmotivated to get a job because their welfare is good enough for them. This would make getting a job a much more appealing option.
  4. "...exactly how many newly-employed persons are going to remain in the same job long enough to claim any of the money supposedly being offered?" - otto von bismarck via comment
  5. Does he have a policy that'll create jobs?
  6. A sensible investment is funding education and training so that unemployed people can improve their skills.
  7. "Are we saying that there are vacant jobs in certain parts of the country (rural, regional and metropolitan) waiting to be filled, that cannot be filled because we have no-one already there to sufficiently trained, capable or experienced to do them?" drt33th via comment
  8. Talk about a vote buying spree. The economy can't be as bad as the LNP would have is think.
  9. Would be better if they increased the Newstart Allowance so that those who are incapacitated and / or returning to work have at least the equivalent of the minimum wage to depend upon in the meantime. Nobody can actually live on $307 a week.Once I get a job, why would I need any further money from the Govt?? This is back to front, stereotyping and clearly a ploy to win votes.
  10. What about the over 45s that no one will hire?
  11. "...most of the workforce is casual and the incentives need to be directed towards businesses in better accommodating the changing workforce. They need to be encouraged to go back to the salery days, where there was job security." - ozchicc via comment
  12. Firstly,why only under 30s? Secondly, surely this will encourage people to take a year off then apply for work? Thirdly, who would only apply for a job to get a bonus? Fourthly, income support is supposed to be about assisting those without work not rewarding those who get it. Fifthly, the guys a complete idiot.
  13. They are lazy right? Not working because they won't work. lol So this is how the LNP view people under 30.
  14. How about taxing the big companies that keep sending Australian jobs offshore. Call it a "recouping lost taxes" tax. Then the offshore option won't look as inviting.
  15. "Or just put that money towards creating new jobs, you know, fixing the actual problem?" - tbone via comment