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Your say: Carbon tax was 'socialism'

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has likened the carbon tax to "socialism masquerading as environmentalism" in a bid to goad the Opposition into helping scrap the carbon tax. What are your thoughts?


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  2. Fair comment. If a party wants to engage in redistribution while in government, they are free to do so; but to re-label it as something else is insincere and deserves to be drawn attention to.
  3. Reality is no matter if you support or don't support dismantling the carbon pricing is that the electorate voted to remove it and labor should support the public majority on this matter.
  4. No truer words. Exactly what it was.
  5. "...There's a difference between conservative ideology, and being an obtuse fool. Abbott's incorrect usage of the word 'socialist' is evidence of this. If you agree with Abbott's assertion that the Carbon Tax was socialism, then you aren't being conservative - you're being ignorant."srfx via comments
  6. Absolutely. Can anybody show me where one dollar of the carbon tax went that benefited the worker? One dollar? Where has the tax gone???? It's gone into people's pockets you dills. Waaaaaake up. It's socialism on a grand scale!!
  7. Every tax is a form of socialism. Roads, rail, hospitals, schools... any time you are collecting a tax for the social good is a type of socialism. Abbott is playing straight from the GOP handbook, using terms many people misunderstand to put fear into the community.
  8. I totally agree. Climate change is big business!!
  9. "Bluster and bullying do not make for good policy or a good Prime Minister." - tree frog via comments
  10. Dumbest thing I've heard all week - and in a week that included a politician using a line from Wikipedia to 'strengthen' their argument - that's saying something.
  11. "In a week for he and his team have been looking pretty silly with their ridiculous comments against the impact of climate change, with even people in other parts of the world telling him that he is wrong, he is now finding an alternative reason for removing the carbon pricing." - oldchook via comments
  12. It's not fear mongering. The environment was an after thought when labor introduced the carbon tax. Those who say otherwise are politically naive.
  13. what a load of bull! carbon tax has already caused a drop in fuel use! he will say ANYTHING to discredit labor - even when he knows they did the right thing. Anything for a cheap win.
  14. ...sigh. He's prime minister and he's still using wedge tactics. How inspiring. Regardless of your view on the issue, the mere fact that these techniques are being used is just depressing in its juvenility.
  15. Totally agree... Its about time someone said it how it was!
  16. No. I don't agree. No socialism at all left with the ALP. It was just another tax to put the real cost of electricity back onto the consumer. It was really a move away from socialism where the state used to subsidise the people. From socialism to user pays capitalism called environmentalism overnight; that's what it was!
  17. Absolutely agree with Mr Abbott. I say "Hear, hear!"
  18. Merrium-Webster defines socialism as "a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies," so no, the carbon tax is not socialism, it's a tax on private and public businesses.
  19. He is correct. Socialism sounds great until you run out of other peoples money.