Your say: Carbon tax standoff

The Federal Opposition will oppose the Government's legislation to repeal the carbon tax unless the Coalition agrees to replace it with an Emission Trading Scheme.

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  2. I think it is needed - but Mr Shorten did not get this mandate from the Australian public. However Mr Abbott did get a mandate to get rid of this tax
  3. This is the only credible option for Labor - and I can't understand why the Liberals don't support something that is market driven and by which some will be able to profit.
  4. Haven't' they learned anything from having their back sides kicked? It's a tax and does nothing to pollution. Wake up ...
  5. Millions of Australians still voted for Labor, and it's Bill's job to make their voice heard.
  6. thank goodness!!! I was so worried they were just going to cave in and we'd be left with NO policy to combat emissions.
  7. I agree totally. Abbott is a scam artist of the highest order.
  8. Great!! Love that Abbott's bully tactics have failed and the ALP is staying true to its voters, Bill's off to a good start in my books!
  9. Finally a smart policy move from Labor
  10. Just signed themselves into Opposition for another term at least. No idea. Richo would have never let it get this messy. Cut your mistakes quickly and cleanly.
  11. a wise move by the opposition. climate change action of any sort has to happen and this is the least cost way to do it. big polluters charged, revenue towards green energy researchers, equals renewabe energy affordable and accessible to all.