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Your say: Bikie fortresses outlawed

Victoria has introduced new laws to allow police to strip fortifications and security cameras from bikie clubhouses. What do you think of these measures?


  1. whats next church groups, girl guides, schools. Maybe you would do better looking into the political parties, that's where the real criminals are.
  2. The Victorian Government takes crime seriously. Look at the laws changed to parole that could've saved Jill Meagher. Now this to allow police every opportunity to do their job better. Might seem nanny state, but ultimately it's in the citizens of Victoria's best interest. Well done to Victoria Government!
  3. "Once a government singles out a particular community group by assuming guilt before innocence, then passing laws to enforce that assumption, it is a short step to a slippery slope to single out other community groups for similar treatment." - nonrev via comment
  4. See if this Legislation lasts longer than the SA Legislation that was turned over at first challenge in court.
  5. Interesting. Club houses are usually late night licensed premisses. In my state it's a requirement that CCTV cameras are installed in those establishments. I don't like this idea. Is like a doctor saying you shouldn't use band aids.
  6. So, they'll START with the 'big bad' bikies. but then what? your place because you have security cameras and high walls/gates?
  7. People don't get the difference between a bike club and an outlaw motorcycle gang. We hate terrorists but allow bikies to shoot guns at each other and have brawls which endanger innocent bystanders. What about the poor people that had their house shot at because the previous owner/tenant was a bikie. It's about time.
  8. About time the police were allowed to grow a set and be police, not public relations managers.
  9. "It's not illegal to erect fortifications and security cameras. If you erect them to protect illegal activities, police can rip them out. This sounds like the laws are for everyone and they sound reasonable to me.

    Organised crime is organised crime. Bikie gangs being singled out garbage. These people criminals who need to be treated like all the others. They've copied an image to feel special and for some reason the media and the politicians selfishly re-enforce it." - magicwords via comment
  10. Does that mean that the Police will soon tear down the intercom video camera in my house as well? ....and my front fence, is it too high / strong? Can you define "Physical Barriers"? ....are they the same ones as in front of a ATM? Bollards are a physical Barrier. Scary stuff!
  11. What is to stop them from becoming knitting clubs that just happen to ride bikes to their meetings? Surely this law is unnecessary if council planning laws are adequately enforced for everyone?
  12. They are into so much crime they need to be reigned in. If they wear a colour then they deserve what they get. Just look at all the shootings in Sydney. They are rival bikie gangs fighting.. Cowards all of them.
  13. Why should any private group need fortifications to start with?
  14. This will just drive certain elements even further underground.
  15. "There are two things going on here, which some people are working very hard to confuse. There are legitimate motorcycle groups who are mainstream people who get together for runs and charity events. There are also groups who consider themselves outside of society, fund themselves through a range of legal and illegal activities, and work quite hard to confound the constraints of 'normal society'. They are a symptom of a broader lack of order, but still need to be treated." - apogee via comment
  16. Bikie gangs don't commit crimes, individuals do!
  17. These organizations get together for money and power. Target their money with forensic accountants remove their cash and they will unravel.
  18. Yep. That'll work. Pay Mike Rann as a consultant. Drug dealing and extortion are already illegal. If the cops and courts would do their jobs properly, no new laws required. It's just reactionary political spin.
  19. "Dont care who the bikies are or what they have done. the corporation calling itself the state government have no right to destoy private property and make laws to suit itself without consent of the people. They then use another private company called Victorian police to enforce the corupt laws.
    Rather than telling these bikies how to live their own lives to suit your ideas try negotiation and mediation. I dont agree with all they do but they do have right under common law." - formston via comment
  20. Its a scam, lets take away the fortifications at police stations. They kill more in corny people than bikies do and they the ones who are supposed to be protecting us!
  21. Only Government can create groups that break the law. Cannot have competition against the monopoly.
  22. This is a big issue on the Gold Coast but in fact Crime figures have dropped on the Gold Coast over the last few years .... Government and Media hype!