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Your say: Albanese, Turnbull's heated NBN debate

What do you think of what Mr Albanese and Mr Turnbull had to say?


  1. The fasted growing business sector in the world is online business. If you really do support Australian business then support Labors NBN!
  2. Liberals enact their disorganised, short sighted, populist polcies for Australia, it takes the ALP and others to get us out of our stagnation. You're right. Same old same old.
  3. Over the 12 years of the Howard Government what did the Coalition do about High speed Broadband? Answer Nothing. During this time Aust slipped to near the global bottom broadband wise at a time when online business was booming. Regional & rural areas were totally neglected & left to rot by the "free market" providers. Abbott & Turnbull as part of this Howard government did nothing to fix the situation. The Coalition Broadband policy is merely a cobbled together thing that relies on aged copper wires that will not do the job & will need to be replaced at a cost of over $20 billions. if you want fibre under the Coalition "Fraudband" you will be up for $6000 to $10,000 OK for the well off I guess but beyond that reach of the many. It has also been said that the Coalition Plan has Murdoch's paws all over it..but how are we mere voters to know. But as a rural dweller who will get Wireless all this Fibre heavy or fibre lite is academic ..all I know is that the PROMISED PRIORITY for rural dwellers is for our area at least a LIE!
  4. This was not a dating show Malcolm can "come across" as much as he likes won't make his policy any better!
  5. Turnbull is all over Albanese on the NBN.
  6. Brilliant debate, Malcolm is definitely doing a great job of keeping Albo accountable. I'd like to know why Emma Alberici cut Malcolm off when he went into detail about why the Government's NBN would cost thousands for each user wishing to access 1GBps internet speeds on the NBN. But then again, I guess she's looking out for Albo; he certainly needed some help last night.
  7. The biggest election issue for me! The thought of having to pay Telstra for the last 100m of coroding copper network so that we can get a slower speed is criminal. This is our chance to get something right first time. This is nation building stuff and what I consider good economic management. Worth 3 years of labor government on this issue alone.
  8. I have just been to Europe and used wifi everywhere - so why is it so necessary to have fibre to every house in australia when wireless and wifi will get faster and faster. Google plans to launch baloons to offer free wifi everywhere. Fibre cable will be overtaken. Also whats the justification in destroying the existing copper network that is a substantial asset that we the taxpayer are paying $10 billion to Telstra to buy back then rip up.
  9. Why would Telstra spend money on more ADSL ports when it will become redundant in a few years time ?
  10. Im with Telstra due to the only coverage we get and NBN they charge $80 for 5GB!
  11. Daniel, do you remember how bad and expensive the service was before privatization and competition?
  12. I currently have ADSL 1 sitting at approxamatly 1.5Mb/s down. If I get ADSL 2 (LNP NBN) which is now available in my area, I get a whopping 2.4Mb/s down theoretical best. that is a massive increase of 60% due to distance from the "node". If I was on fiber then I would get the full 25Mb/s making an increase of 1667% with much more reliable. The maths speaks for its self.
  13. We can afford it also it's an investment so the gov will make a return on it. The libs plan that is not the case
  14. If you ever had the opportunity to use Internet in asia you'd be totally embarrassed to admit you're Australian. We NEED the NBN. The only things that scares me about Libs getting in (aside from Abbott being pm) is they'll tear apart the work already completed and planned for Australia's internet.
  15. I quite like Malcolm but his NBN policy is just rubbish... how does someone who made their millions in technology keep a straight face when talking about this archaic policy??????
  16. So... all you lot who think the Coalitions broadband policy is dated... which option would be preferable.... Getting the NBN rolled out to a large majority of the country using FTTN and "last mile copper" within the next three to five years, at around a 50Mbps connection, or get a 100Mbps+ connecting a smaller majority of country by 2026 using FTTH. I'm not even going to talk about costings either...?