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Your say: 2013 was hottest year on record

Bureau of Meteorology data shows that 2013 was the hottest year on record with above average temperatures experienced by every state and territory. ABC readers had their say on the increased temperatures.


  1. Ok so most people accept it's warming, so what can you do to negate the affects on water and agriculture? We all accept that we need to rely less on oil and dirty fuels so renewable energy is the way to create new technologies and employment, whilst making sure power companies can no longer gouge people. So I don't see why people are arguing semantics.
  2. "The Pacific ocean has been cooling and the northern hemisphere is having a third record cold winter. Does this confirm global cooling in the north." - robbyj via comments
  3. But you wouldn't have known it in Victoria and Tasmania, we had the coldest Spring on record, and judging by the temperatures we are going to get this week, it will be the coldest and dreariest January on record.
  4. "...Its all natural variation and nothing to do with think that humans can affect the climate is the peak of arrogance..." - stupendus via comments
  5. Why can't the bureau record lows in WA a cold spring and a mild summer just because a few cities in the east have 40 plus days does not mean the planet is warming up, if the planet was warming up then that ship wouldn't be iced in in Antarctica in the middle of summer, will the bureau report those stats Austin? Yeah right
  6. "I need further clarification about the statement "All states and territories recorded above average temperatures in 2013."
    In Victoria, where I live, to me, the weather has seemed a lot more milder than the previous years. We've had a more cooler and normal Spring and I've been cold all Winter..."
    - clarifier via comments
  7. Having a world without filthy pollution making industry would be great. And everything should be done to make them clean up their act. For the benefit of every living thing. I just think it undermines the argument when people make ridiculous statements about it being hotter in Queensland because they pollute more. The warming of the earth cannot be area specific. It's impossible. The only thing that is area specific is the weather. Wind and rain. Clouds and clear skies. These things have nothing to do with humans. We cannot change the weather anymore than we can change the intensity of the Sun. These things are beyond our control. But we can help ourselves by reducing pollution because there's nothing good about pollution. Have a great day :)