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Worst video games ever: you decide

Hundreds of copies of ET the Extra-Terrestrial have been unearthed from a landfill site in the New Mexico desert in the United States. ET is widely regarded as the 'worst video game' in history, but what do you think?


  1. Wow, they found them! Now if only they could bury them again. What a truly awful game.
  2. I had the ET game and agree, it was absolute crap. Controls unwieldy, ET would fall into holes that were impossible to get out of and the FBI agent and scientist would capture hime every time he looked like escaping. Frustrating and boring.
  3. Superman was bad, but E.T takes the cake. Look up one of the numerous reviews about it on youtube. The game was absolutely terrible.
  4. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Atari 2600) Walkthrough and Easter Eggs
  5. Well I've never played that game but it's got some work ahead of it if it wants to beat Superman on Nintendo 64.
  6. It was rushed. Move - fall in a pit - die. Superman 64 is generally considered the worst game of all time.
  7. i cant think of any off hand. although a few resident evils have made me want to put the controller through the TV with stupid puzzles to solve. and there's a few dodgy simulators out there like a rail simulator and an oil rig simulator which sound absolutely riveting! I'll just go with the worst console in history which is the fat version of the xbox360 which has about a 90% failure rate...
  8. Sonic on ps3 was hands down the worst game i have ever played.
  9. Yeah sonic on ps3 was impossible to play I think, never completed level one despite playing it for hours.