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Tony Abbott overtakes Kevin Rudd as preferred prime minister five days ahead of federal election

With five days left until the federal election, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is reiterating his pitch to voters as polls show Tony Abbott has overtaken him as preferred prime minister. Is it too late for Labor? Or will there be a turnaround before Saturday's election?


  1. Is it too late for Labor? Or will there be a turnaround before Saturday's election? Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or leave a comment on the story.
  2. I'm thinking the best result will be a hung parliament; Abbott has said he won't negotiate, so will he quit the Lib party leadership if he has to? And if he quits, will Mal take the reins?
  3. Time to move to the other side of the world if Tony wins. So he takes away jobs cuts back on health and education and gives more funding to netball and people want him in power oh please.
  4. No it's not. People will wake up to their senses eventually
  5. Labor will not win the election. They are going to lose seats. Labor actually needs to win seats to be in with a chance to form Government. The must watch area of the election is the voting in the Senate. Tony Abbott is only 3 seats short of a majority in the Senate.
  6. Yes it is ,,, Rudd is a dudd
  7. Labor can't win, voters have stopped listening to Labor. Doesn't mean that voters want the Libs though. I bet the Palmer United Party will do better than people are expecting.
  8. God I hope so. Wake up Australia. Seriously. Wake up from you delusional fantasy of Liberal being good for Australia. Wake up!!
  9. One can seriously hope that people do come to their senses sooner rather than later, this country under the LNP would be a frightening place to be ...