Tall ships gather in Hobart

Tall ships from around Australia and as far away as England have gathered in Hobart for a five-day festival. The ships will be docked in Hobart until September 25 and will then head to Sydney for the Australian Navy's centenary celebrations.

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  1. This mornings sunrise was simply glorious down on the docks in #hobart, watching the light dance and ripple across the harbour and into the massive Dutch #tallships2013. If you're in Hobart tomorrow, @instatassie are hosting an #instameet to photograph and explore the tall ships. Meeting at MAC1 at 10am, we'll wander through the ships, yachts and boats to PW1. #tpo_samebigsky #sunrise #ship
  2. Take a look at Europa as it heads up river from Taroona as part of Hobart's Tall Ships festival today. Photo by the ABC's Stephen Smiley.
  3. Bill Chalkley took this photo of ships leaving Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, and the Melbourne International Tall Ships Festival, bound for Hobart.
  4. Today is Project X - a mysterious, excitingly devious plan schemed up by @thepierone in Sydney. It's an Australia-wide, sunrise and sunset rolling-instameet. And it's awesome! I'm here with @loves_laughs @jayedevil as the Tassie recruits. There's people all over Australia playing along with us! What a beautiful community I hope you have a fabulous day! #tpo_samebigsky #sunrise #hobart
  5. Thanks to Peter Jessup for sending us his photo of a #tallship on the Derwent River, taken from Howrah Point foreshore. If you have a photo of the #hobart event you'd like to share, please mention us: @abcnews_au. #tasmania #tallships #ships
  6. For more photos of the tall ships in Hobart, view our gallery: