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Survey finds many Australian employers value men over women, prefer workers without children

A large number of Australian businesses prefer male employees without children or relationships, according to a survey by workplace management consultancy Kronos. We asked our readers what they had to say. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. We asked our readers what they had to say:

  2. Have you experienced discrimination in the workplace due to your gender? Or your family or relationship status? Have your say on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Sure - try being 4 months pregnant and going for an interview as a professional with a Qld local government organisation. They wouldn't admit it - but my impending motherhood was the reason I didn't get the job. That was 1996 - has anything changed?
  4. "The fact that a large majority of businesses thought that their ideal worker was a male, without relationships or interests" So basically they want either a zombie or a robot.
  5. Why don't businesses just hire robots so they don't have to worry about humans and their silly genders and lifestyle choices?
  6. I do find that women with young children take a lot of time off work to look after their kids whereas men don't.
  7. Especially since I informed my agencies I was pregnant. My phone never rang again since that day six months ago...
  8. Yes, towards us older women.
  9. After graduating, I am finding it hard to get a job in the field I studied in (science). Though this is due to a number of reasons, I do often wonder if my age and gender discourage employers from giving me an interview. I am female and 27. Not particularly old I know, but I wonder if employers see me and think that I am at an age where I might start having children, and so they don't want to hire me. I don't list my age on my resume, but it can be roughly worked out from employment and study history, and some government jobs ask you to give your date of birth.