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Super trawler not fazed by protests

See how the community has reacted to the FV Margaris as the super trawler waits in SA for approval to begin fishing off Tasmania.


  1. Greens leader Christine Milne reacts to the planned renaming of the super trawler:
  2. Greenpeace confronted the Margaris last week at Port Lincoln in South Australia, while ABC readers also shared their thoughts about the trawler on Facebook:
  3. Greenpeace confronts super trawler
    Greenpeace confronts super trawler
  4. Another case of a company ignoring social license. And bombastically riding roughshod over due and correct process. There lack of transparency and the ships history should be more than enough to scuttle this obscene venture.
  5. And changing its name to Abel Tasman only shows the company thinks Tasmanians are stupid and easily fooled.
  6. MS Abel Tasman was a ferry that ran from Melbourne to Devonport from 1985-1993. Don't give it to a destructive trawler. We can only hope the old superstition of sailors to never change a ship's name might hold true in this case.
  7. The name may change that does not make the activity of this vessel and its owners and operators appropriate. Just plain greed without a thought of the consequences for the future of the fish population and the local fishermen and women.
  8. I'd rather they renamed it the Titanic, with the same results.
  9. I hope it gets approved! We need all the commercial fishing we can get!
  10. Greenpeace confronts super trawler
    Greenpeace confronts super trawler
  11. They should change their name to "Money Over Environment"
  12. How dare they. How dare the Australian Labor Government. Am convinced it wouldn't matter how much us Aussies objected to the whole thing taking place. The Ballot Box is the only way to show our rage @ Gov. Policy AGAINST Public Interest.