1. The post in question has since been removed by Smedts, but the original photo was reposted by several people on social media.
  2. Some saw the gaffe as inappropriate, while others didn't have a problem with the so-called #goproselfie.
  3. At what point did he think "You know what would look really cool? Me sharing a photo of myself driving with my knees while on the phone". What a moron.
  4. What rubbish. He's just another bloke doing a stupid thing for the cameras. If you're looking to a football player as a role model you've got issues enough already.
  5. Some people need to get a life! I have seen many " drivers" traveling at high speed while texting or with mobile shoved up against their ear.. guess they were not caught as they were not in public's eye .
  6. Hope Geelong takes action against him? Why?If my boss punished me for a non-work related actions that weren't at work...there'd be some fairwork stuff going on for sure!