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Can the Socceroos make the most of a horror World Cup draw?

The draws for the 2014 World Cup have been finalised, with Australia drawn to play reigning world champs Spain and 2010 runners-up The Netherlands, plus highly-ranked Chile in Group B. What do you think of their chances?


  1. Players had their say on the draw:
  2. There was more of a mixed response among fans:
  3. Wouldn't make any difference who we drew we still would have lost all 3 games
  4. The only way to progress is to play the hard teams. We will struggle to progress on one hand, however on the other there is no expectation to. We have played brilliantly against tough teams in the past. Time to stop being negative with posts and get behind our lads. Go socceroos!!!
  5. Why should it be easy, the world cup is tough. Australia thinks will play the some country, that can' play the world game...
  6. It's the World Cup what do we expect? We're playing amongst the best in the world, that's a achievement in its self! Good luck to the Soccoroo's, do your best!
  7. All you negative people need to pull your head in. Yeah its a tough group but our boys can make the second round for sure. We have quality players that have something that most countries dont have and thats mongrel. Bring on brazil and lets go socceroos