Philip Seymour Hoffman's quirkiest film roles

From drag-queen to cult leader, Philip Seymour Hoffman portrayed all kinds of interesting characters in his career.

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  1.  Whilst widely revered for his more serious, award-winning roles, Phillip Seymour Hoffman will also be remembered for his quirkier film roles.

  2. Twister (1996)

     Earlier in his career, Hoffman's portrayal as eccentric storm chaser Dusty Davis provided comic relief in the face of an epic tornado. 
  3. Boogie Nights (1997)

     Hoffman portrays Scotty J, a boom operator (cameraman) who falls in love with an ambitious young porn star played by Mark Wahlberg. ** STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**
  4. Boogie Nights - Hoffman - I'm a idiot
  5. Flawless (1999)

    Hoffman plays a pre-op transgenderist drag performer who ends up giving singing lessons to his homophobic neighbour, played by Robert De Niro. 

  6. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

    Hoffman plays a crooked mattress salesman who also runs a phone sex hotline and extorts his customers. This tense phone call between Hoffman and Adam Sandler's characters has some strong language that may offend some viewers. ** STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**

  7. Punch Drunk Love - Adam Sandler and Philip Seymour Hoffman phone scene
  8. Along Came Polly (2004)

    Hoffman plays Sanford Lyle, who covers for his best friend Reuben Feffer (played by Ben Stiller) by pretending to be a risk assessor. 

  9. Sandy Lyle, Risk Assessor
  10. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007)

    Hoffman and Ethan Hawke play two brothers who organise to rob their parents' jewellery store in a heist that goes horribly wrong. ** STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING**

  12. The Master (2012)

    Hoffman earned his fourth Oscar nomination for his role as a charismatic cult leader Lancaster Dodd opposite Joaquin Phoenix in The Master. 

  13. The Master - Freddie meets the master