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New design proposed to replace national flag

What design would you like to see on a new Australian flag? Here are some of your ideas.


  1. We've heard some suggestions for how to improve John Blaxland's design, and some brand new ideas. View a gallery of your submissions on Flickr.
  2. It's almost there, but too much. Forget the green star border, and make the stars either all green or all yellow. And as eye-catching as the dot-painting in the large star is, I think it's messy. Plain yellow would be better. The background is great.
  3. a little overboard, just stick with the Southern Cross. It was a symbol in 1851 and remains a definitive symbol today.
  4. Mike Seward's design
    Mike Seward's design
  5. I prefer the version which had a sprig of wattle on it.
  6. David Falvey's design
    David Falvey's design
  7. This. Red island under the southern cross, girt by sea and beaches. 
  8. Allan Kashmer's design
    Allan Kashmer's design
  9. Yes it will contain some of the first Australian flag, some of the union jack and the southern cross, and in a completely outrageous thought small versions of every other nations flags around the boarder,,,,,,, but it's defienately gotta have black red and yellow on it and prominent,,,,,
  10. But for many,  the best design for an Australian flag is the current one.
  11. Why do they insist on asking this same question every Australian day?ABC-leave the Flag alone-our grandparents fought and died under that flag-as for the union jack-that is there to remind us where our heritage is-LEAVE IT ALONE!!.