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Michael Clarke fined for sledging

Australian skipper Michael Clarke has lost 20 per cent of his match fee for sledging Jimmy Anderson during the closing stages of the first Ashes Test. Here's what you had to say on the matter.


  1. Clarke should of sledged harder
  2. "No one objects to an occasional public comment by a player -or spectator- provided it is
    free from bullying and can raise an unforced laugh from all sides. "Sledging", however,
    is heavyhanded enough to mimic the aggression of a nasty drunk at a party, and is
    an embarrassment to genuine sport."
    - pennylee33 via comment
  3. like it or not, it always has been and always will be part of almost all competitive sports. This won't stop it. You can bet Anderson said as much if not more, Clarke was just unfortunate enough to have his caught on the mic.
  4. wouldn't have been an issue if the stumps mics were turned down....
  5. "As far as I am concerned. Sledging can remain part of the game for until the MCC rules against it. It comes under the same heading as "Bodyline" and "Underarm bowling" legal until determined otherwise." - live from brazil via comment
  6. Fine - as long as they fine all the players in both teams - because nobody kept their mouth shut for the entire game. I don't like a lot of the sledging, but don't single Clarke out! Hope Clarke gets his lawyer involved if they want to push it.
  7. It's a shame the mic was on and kids heard it, but as far as sledging goes - part of the game and has been for many years - goes both ways.
  8. "Mr. Clarke needs to familiarise himself with the preamble to the laws of cricket. And is obliged to conduct himself within the Spirit of the game. It is against the spirit of the game to direct abusive language towards an opponent or umpire. The umpires made the call, to refer the matter, so enough said. It is disappointing that Mr. Clarke has ignored his responsibility as Captain, and ambassador to the sport." - grumpyumpy via comment
  9. I have no problems with this as long as there is consistency.
  10. "I've just been splitting my sided reading the best examples of sledging from the past. Thank goodness I still have a sense of humour." - billboy via comment
  11. Agreed with Marie - no-one else is allowed to bully anyone in their workplace, why should sports be any different? If I had my way, it would've been higher.
  12. What's said on the Paddock, stays on the Paddock. Channel Nine should pay the fine, they chose to broadcast it. It's part and parcel of the game, and the mob in the stands wouldn't have heard it, just those watching on Television...It's no big deal.