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Have your say: Labor's leadership

Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese begin their month-long campaign for the Labor leadership, which for the first time will involve a ballot of party members. What are your thoughts? Who do you think should lead the Australian Labor Party?


  1. Scroll down below to see what you had to say when the Labor leadership campaign first began. Have your thoughts changed over the past month? Who do you think should lead the Australian Labor Party?
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  2. I applaud that this will be a democratically elected leader!
  3. Bill Shorten is not the best fit. He's too aligned with the unions. Anthony Albanese on the other hand will have the popular vote of the people - which is us. I voted but did so without much gusto. Shorten is too tangled and still charred from the whole previous leadership challenge
  4. Albo is the man , I'm over the " structured " talk we get from pollies
  5. I thought Bill Shorten was a great man until he entered politics. I'm surprised he wants to be opposition leader especially so far away from the next election.... very ambitious man.
  6. Both would be good leaders, one way or the other Labor will build a strong team. Good luck to both and here's to a new chapter.
  7. As long as Kevin Rudd is still in parliament, Labor will have a cancerous tumour that destroys the party from within. I hope Albo wins because Shorten is just another Rudd - bad for the party as a whole.
  8. I'd prefer Tanya, to be honest...
  9. Albo is a great Labor man but I think Shorten is a better opponent to Abbott style of politics. I think the caucus recognise this. Plus Tanya is a great selling point...she is our future PM afterall.
  10. What a waste of time and money. They should of just tossed a coin in true Aussie spirit.
  11. I like them both, would be happy with either but I think Shorten will get it.
  12. Here's what you had to say when the Labor leadership campaign first began:
  13. "...the ALP needs a complete generational change for the Rudd/Gillard mess to be gone forever. I can see them in opposition for some 6 to 9 years." - agarbutt via comment
  14. Bearing Ms Gillard's comment in mind, the concept could be fine tuned/improved as a piece of Pol Sci and party admin. The candidates? They are just doing their democratic duty in accordance with the now rules. Let the Party decide until the Party changes the rules.
  15. "Whoever wins, there needs to be stability and true leadership afterwards. The sort of carry on we saw before the election did nothing to help their cause."oboist2 via comment