Have your say: Holden announces it will close operations in Australia by 2017

ABC News asks readers for their thoughts on Holden's announcement that it will close manufacturing operations in Australia by 2017.

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  1. Bad news - leading academic had researched and stated that losing Holden will equate to losing $4 Billion out of our economy each year and the loss of up to 60 000 direct and indirect jobs. Not to mention the loss of skills. I reckon the $150 million the Government gave them each year was a good deal.
  2. Not good, was it inevitable due to our labour costs?
  3. A sad day in Australia's history and the people will not forget.
  4. they should be made to pay back the billion dollars or so they been paid in grants over the last 10 years
  5. No more money to them, and give the plant and machinery to the Australian Government.
  6. Worst kept secret of 2013
  7. let's get back into manufacturing our primary produce!
  8. Fords going First! Hooray, they won something!
  9. i am shocked - simply shocked - why did the Union allow this?
  10. Should have gone into the electric vehicle business years ago to become the dominant car business in Australia. Missed opportunity
  11. It's a rare argument where the government should continue to prop up the business for the sake of the employees involved. The collapse of Holden will derail the Australian automotive industry as a whole.
  12. The beginning was the removal of trade tariffs. The rest was inevitable.
  13. Why doesn't Holdens break away from GM? That's part of the reason they're losing money cause the parent company is broke.
  14. hooray, no more tax payers money wasted to prop up an unviable commercial business. No maybe the money will be spent deskilling and creating emerging industry opportunities for employment. What about solar panel research and manufacturing factories?