Have your say: Coalition's 'double standard'

Former federal parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper says revelations about MPs' expenses prove the charges against him are politically motivated and proves a 'double standard'. Do you agree with Mr Slipper? Have your say.

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  1. I don't like him but he's right about fair play
  2. Totally agree with Peter Slipper on this one! Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone :-)
  3. "This would be a joke if it wasn't so serious. Abbott insists Slipper faces criminal charges for travel rorts, after Abbott has claimed travel expenses to attend Slipper's wedding. They should all be charged, and kicked out of parliament if found guilty." - netter via comment
  4. Peter slipper is absolutely right, he go crucified by the coalition for doing what he did and is facing court, all pollies regardless of party should be facing same thing, unless our useless PM grows a pair and ends this crusade against Slipper and just lets him pay it back, hell he offered to and was refused.
  5. The difference is that Abbott lodged a claim and particularised the details which was paid. Slipper submitted a claim with false information on it.
  6. "Nice try Mr Slipper but its not going to wash! You knew you were going the wrong thing and went out of your way to try and hide it. This is vastly different the pollies from both sides of the isle claiming travel funds and then having to repay them." - lukemac via comment
  7. Big difference is that Abbott had an excuse (however tenuous it may be) as opposition leader to be in Port Macquarie... Slipper had no excuse to use cab charges to go on a booze cruise.
  8. im just curious how many people have been on a business trip and popped off in a break or something to see friends and maybe even put a meal on the company card cause hell why not they got u half way round the world. not sure if politicians have double standard or us.
  9. "Abbott, Brandis, Morrison, Joyce and the rest... claiming expenses for weddings, ought to be charged in the exact same manner as Slipper. These are deliberate rorts of their entitlements... and they knew it at the time... they just thought they could get away with it." - daisy may via comment
  10. I think it is high time that a clear set of guidelines be drawn up and made public so all government officials are accountable for their expenses and salaries for that matter!! :)
  11. "I almost feel sorry for Slipper because he was charged doing what it seems like all his Lib mates were doing, including his then mate Abbott." - anon e mouse via comment
  12. "Peter Slipper is on the money with this one - I also think a double standard prevails. Whether the other rorters have claimed truthfully or lied makes no difference in my opinion." - grazzerbear via comment
  13. As far as I'm concerned Slipper took actions to deceive whereas others made claims that the thought were genuine. Slipper KNEW he was doing wrong and proceeded regardless.....
  14. "...If he is still to be punished for these issues than we definitely have to bring all inquiries into the open because this will never ever go away when there is one rule for the conservatives and another for all citizenry." - cody 2013 via comment
  15. As much as I do not like Peter Slipper (at all) I have to agree with him on this one. Either all are charged or not. Either way clarify the rules.