Halloween in Australia

ABC News asked readers what they think of Halloween. Here is what they had to say and photos they shared.

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  1. don't particularly care that its "american" (which its not), we live in a multicultural country where we celebrate days from a variety of countries. its part of what makes this country so unique and great. celebrate halloween and for all the skeptics out there don't be offended when others say "happy holidays" instead of "happy christmas" because they don't celebrate christmas
  2. Also it's fun for the kids to dress up and get lollies. It's one day a year I don't see why it's such a big deal. The kids LOVE it!
  3. Not everyone likes Australia adopting Halloween though:
  4. This is Australia, not the US. If you want to go trick or treating head to the states.
  5. We are not Americans....... YET!
  6. It's not American. It has its roots in a Celtic harvest festival and paganism.
  7. I hate it with a vengance. As others have said...this is an American tradition, not Australian and we have many other of our own traditions which have sadly gone by the wayside
  8. It's fun just enjoy it!!
  9. I am not too fond of Australia adopting Halloween. Sure it may be good for the kids, but do we really need to be any more like the USA? We have our own culture, and events, and they have theirs. Yes it didn't start in the USA, but a lot of what we see today, in Australia, regarding Halloween, has to do with American influence.
  10. I don't mind the dressing up, but I hate the trolling for lollies.
  11. Man you guys sure do hate fun. Why are you so opposed to children dressing up and eating some treats? Also Halloween as it is today has it's origins in the UK, not America.
  12. There are some good comments here already. It's not American and we're multicultural. Bring on more culture! (so long as they're brought with the correct historical information)
  13. I grew up in Scotland and loved Halloween as a child. Don't do anything here because I see it as a retailers event, neatly squeezed between Father's Day and Christmas.
  14. It should be a different time of year in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring just doesn't go with Harvest, and dark scary things. It's stupid, and yes it's far to American even though it's Celtic. Halloween is just American Comercialism. It's far from it's roots of the past.