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Former Angels frontman Doc Neeson dies aged 67

As news spreads of The Angels frontman Bernard 'Doc' Neeson's death, people took to social media to share their fondest memories of the singer.


  1. Ben Hall Grew up going to Angels gigs in pubs and clubs and outdoor venues...he had an awesome presence on stage that was beyond explanation.On Rockwiz recently he looked unwell, but the smile and glint in his eye, when the crowd sang back that 'classic Aussie chant' when sang Am I ever gunna see your face again, was beautiful....recognition the crowd still loved him...RIP Doc, rockin' in Heaven...
  2. Tim Ault First concert I ever went to. The Angels, Doc Neeson on stage with a broken leg in a cast. Didn't want to cancel the tour. RIP.
  3. Penny Robertson One of the first concerts I went to at the Capital Theatre in Warrnambool. He was the first "star" I ever touched as he ran wildly up the aisles. Saw them many times after too - always such a great show and such memorable songs. RIP Doc.
  4. Dame-Samantha Acott Law My first concert was The Angels at Springvale Town Hall with some highschool friends. Will never forget it. Doc appeared on the smoke filled stage in a wheelchair with a broken leg in a cast lol. Using a crutch and the mike stand for support he got up and rocked it. My dad dropped me and picked me up. I would've been about 13. This makes 3 legends I saw in my youth gone :( Marc Hunter from Dragon I saw at Sandown Park Hotel in Nobel Park, and Michael Hutchence from INXS at Festival Hall. Time flies. Thanks for the memories.
  5. Lisa Griffiths I had your autograph on my jeans embroidered and have kept it and the memory of the pre-show chat we had as you were signing. RIP Doc
  6. Heather Bond One of the first concerts I went to. Doc had a broken leg in a cast and the show still went on. Kingston Sports Centre in Tassie I think. Must have been late 80s.
  7. Andrew Hurst In the basement of the Pier Hotel in Frankston, the floors awash and sticky with spilt drinks, but who cared, the Angels were rocking the place..great times a long time a go it seems.
  8. Sandy Horne I just posted this, along with the news story, to my Facebook page - For the funeral of our good friend, Neil, in December 2012, I read out a passage specially written by Doc for the ceremony. Doc had visited Neil in hospital over the years and had kept in touch. It was an especially kind gesture as the news of Doc's brain tumour was just about to hit the media. During this time of illness and stress, he still managed to pen a really lovely - and lengthy - message for me to read out. Very impressive.
  9. Chris Gentle Sad news, the Angels have always been worthy of regular blasting. music of my generation.
  10. Mick Cresswell First live band I ever saw, 15 years old Granada Tavern Hobart Tasmania. First of many times I would see these guys around the country kinda feels like I knew him.......condolences to all his family.
  11. Retro Steel Rest in Peace Doc, came to Australia in 1980, everyone at school got to listen to these guys. I have been ever since. Cheers and thanks Doc!