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Festival of Dangerous Ideas cancels event 'Honour killings are morally justified'

The Festival of Dangerous Ideas has cancelled a speech by Sydney-based Muslim speaker Uthman Badar titled 'Honour killings are morally justified'. Here's what has been said on social media.


  1. People respond to the Opera House on Facebook after they cancel the event:
  2. Banj Patterson The fact that you needed a public outcry before realising "a line has been crossed" speaks volumes about the utterly warped, contemptuous values of those who would allow a session like this to be booked in the first place. People should be sacked for this.
  3. Andrew Robbie The 'wrong impression'? I think it was crystal clear what position he intended to promote, and your thinking is so contorted that you can accept the notion of sanctioned murder of women as acceptable on the basis of respecting cultural practices as a 'thought provoking' viewpoint. Your 'if anyone was offended, well, you took it the wrong way' weaselly sidestep of responsibility is disgusting.
  4. Claire Duffy What impression did you intend the title 'Honour killings are morally justified' to give? I'm struggling to find an alternate interpretation.
  5. Anne Rigby Its not provocation to thought and discussion. It purely evil thinking. There is NOTHING to discuss. If this man truly believes in honor killings then he does not belong in this country. And by the way Opera House, just have a look at his website and you will see he truly believes this rubbish. (He also believes in child brides). Just say you got it wrong and move on.
  6. Abdul Rahman Reijerink What a gutless response. A simple name change and clarification would have been sufficient. So much for Dangerous Ideas.
  7. People respond to Uthman Badar on Facebook:
  8. Abu Amaan Brother Uthman Badar you should not have consented to the topic it's an abhorrent title. The next time you are given an opportunity to speak at such places can you please take control of the title and stage. May Allah bless you.
  9. Alister Shew No doubt there is a problem in this country with Islamophobia, but there are also huge problems with violence against women. That title threw a match into the powderkeg. Please understand that this is not simply about religious prejudice. I would very much like to hear your argument in some other forum.
  10. Emma Harley What's different sir is not just that you are Muslim - it's that this country has been struggling with significant issues of misogyny and violence towards women - any such topic by any speaker from any cultural group would arouse valid concern in this current cultural climate.
  11. Jay Tharappel Uthman. Free expression doesn't mean you're entitled to a platform. As for the hysteria, it's justified when you're advocating vigilante murder, which is what "honour killings" involve. You should be deeply ashamed of yourself.
  12. Fong Sai Yuk Remember kids. The opera house had no problem 'discussing' why we need torture and the need to crush the testicles of suspects children to elicit information (2011).
  13. Abu-Sulaiman Husovic Everyone has the right of free speech...except if you're Muslim. The guy should have been given a chance to speak, than you can lambast as much as you want. But that is the false society we live in.....
  14. Kazi Adil Reza Funny you talk about your freedom of speech, but in your ideal islamic caliphate there wouldn't be any freedom of speech tolerated.
  15. Kamal Abdallah Lol what a joke... call me cynical, but I think this was probably their plan all along unfortunately..they chose the topic and title for you, portray you in this provocative light and then take away your chance to express or explain yourself.