Facebook users react to forthcoming privacy change

Facebook has started removing a privacy setting that restricted names of closed profiles appearing in Facebook's top search bar. The change was announced by Facebook last December. We asked readers what they thought of the change.

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  1. Does this concern you? Would you delete your account if you weren't happy with Facebook's privacy controls? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.
  2. I don't have an issue of posting things on Facebook (agreed if I don't want anyone to know it isn't going on Facebook). BUT I don't want just anyone finding my profile and trying to add me or see my information. I have my profile private and unsearchable.
  3. I'm confused. What facebook has removed is the setting which limited your inclusion on their search function. All that will happen now is anyone can type in my name in the facebook search and I will be visible. I have every privacy feature enabled. If they aren't my friend all they will see is my cover photo, profile picture and anything else I've forgotten to make "friends only". So, I'm not entirely sure what the fuss is about.
  4. Duh! If you want privacy, don't shout it out to the world. Facebook is free people. You have no right to make demands.
  5. Easy fix, don't add those people and disable messages from non-friend. Simple.
  6. Only main difference here is that creepers that have been looking for you since high school can now send you friend requests. Big deal. If you want to stay private, keep off teh interwebz.
  7. If you don't want people to find out stuff about you, don't post it on the interwebs!! #endofconversation!
  8. You will get a notification, it hasn't been rolled out yet. Plus if you subscribe to any of the pages or RSS feeds you will also be told. aaannnnddddd if you use beta.facebook.com, you will be told there as well
  9. This was the best feature to help guard against cyber bullying. By setting your profile so that only those who you had in your friend network could see you, you were able to conduct your online life free of anxiety over whether or not you'd have to deal with online hate from those who want to go out of their way to make your life hell. That capability is now gone. Let the online hate commence.
  10. simple if they do this, it's bye bye face book, delete delete delete
  11. I think they will lose a lot of members.
  12. Sounds logical - pity not everyone understands this.
  13. My block list just got longer.
  14. People should have the ability to choose to show or hide. Privacy should be maintained.
  15. I'm a bit concerned. Need to look into it further, but if my privacy is not protected sufficiently I'll delete my account.